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March 29, 2007

You like the way them titties look? Go on over to JohnJuan's Blog to see who this bitch is, see a free mini PG set, and read about the bitch.

April 5, 2007

If you read my blog on the .network March 29 and listened to my podcast on April 1, I was tellin' mothafuckas how the bitches on my site are REAL. Ain't nothin' fake, ficticious or fantasy about FOULFOWL females. They rob, steal, do drugs, carry weapons and WILL TRY TO KILL YOU, if they sense any weakness in your trick ass. These bitches will tell you that JohnJuan ain't no trick. The hoes on this site know and trust me. They know what the fuck I'm about. I live that thuglife and they do too. Respect our Gangsta! Email or call me so I can tell you how to donate some cash to put on Tiffs books. She really fucked someone up in the streets, so She might be down for a minute. See the lil 30 second clip of her smoking a rock up above. Then you can see the full clip of her puffing, as well as me fucking the shit outta her plus enjoy all her old photos in the members area.

UPDATE 08/10/08: She's out of Jail on Parole and living in Alabama

October 18, 2007

I had intended to give yall this update last weekend, but I've been doing 12 hour dayz at my day job. That shit has been wearing me the fuck out. I've been coming home, turning on my laptop to do this update, and then fall the fuck asleep. Plus there has been some drama. I'll tell yall about that next time. So yeah I've known this white bitch for about 13 years..Yep, no bullshittin'. Met her in late 1994, or it could have been early 1995. It's probably hard to look at this hoe and believe that she's only 35 years old. The streets have reeeeally broken her down. Her name is Kim, and I'm guessing shes probably fucked a few thousand men through her years of whoring. Back in the day she was this particular ho houses main attraction. If you were to ride by that mothafucka, she was always on the front porch topless, flagging niggaz down. Believe it or not that ho house is still there(i'll never understand how that place doesn't get raided). But anywayz, back in the day when Kim and the other whores of the house would see me roll by, they'd waive me to keep going. and that used to piss me the fuck off. One day I got out of my car and walked up to the porch and asked them why the fuck I don't get invited in. Then the bitch Kim said because you look like a cop and if you ain't one, you look too broke to even look at my pussy. Now keep in mind, that was my young wild days, so I said, "Fuck all yall", slapped the white bitch and then another bitch came out the house pointing a sawed off shot gun at me. That bitch said, "Look, go get in your car, pull off and don't you ever let me catch you anywhere near this house again." From that point on, it became a big joke. I'd pass by the house roll my window down and say "Fuck Yall hoes" and they would give me the finger. As the years went by Kim got kicked out of the hoe house and she became a streetwalker. I'd always stop my car when I saw her, but she would now ignore me. Then when I started the website 6 years ago I tried real hard to get the bitch to pose for me. She wouldn't. Said she has too much respect for herself(imagine that hahahaha). But see at that point, she was still looking good, still making probably $500 a day. Now here it is 2007, the bitch stands at the liquor store begging. She came up to me and said she'd do anything I wanted her to do for $5.00. I laughed my ass off. I reminded her about all the times at the hoe house. The bitch almost started to cry. Then when I walked her to a secluded area, gave her $3.00 and told her thats all she gets cause it's all she's worth pregnant, she did cry. Man, I don't think I've ever seen a bitch more humiliated.

June 3, 2007

Man, I was sick when I found out what I had done. This is almost as bad as the time I lost the 1hr video of Tia(the girl from 5-6-7). It was the day after her 18th birthday. She was feeling grown, wanted to do some freaky shit and I was on hand with my first camcorder(a canon zr20) and my little kodak 3.1 megapixel digital camera. I fucked her for damn near a whole hour. Shit, it was actually the Fifth video I had shot for this site. I had them all on that same tape. Members, if you go into the archives, most of the early halfway decent looking bitches "did" get fucked on camera, buuuuut....I went around showing the tape off to every nigga I knew, on some O-dogg from menace to society type shit. And ended up losing the mini DV. I literally tore up my old apartment looking for that shit. took the seats out of my old Jeep Cherokee trying yo find that shit. I hadn't transferred the tape to my computer yet. Because my 333mhz HP laptop couldn't handle the Video transfer software. When I finally got over the denial and realized it was gone for good, I actually cried. It was probably the best shit I had shot. More importantly, it was the "first" shit I had shot. It took me 2 more years to get Tia to do another video. But by that time she had been ran through so many times. The innocence and fear she had showed the first time was now gone. It just wasn't the same. To this day I still think one of you niggaz kept my shit. Dirty Niggaz was probably gonna try to blackmail me and shit. I can remember niggaz asking me are you sure that bitch is 18? Are you sure it's legal to shoot porn and put in on the internet lol....keep in mind, that was way back in early 2002, about 100 videos later I've been over the however, was almost just as bad...The bitch you're looking at up above bent over frontward, spread her ass cheeks apart where both her pussy and her bootyhole was gaping wide open. She told me to pick which hole I wanted. Hahahaha, I'm telling yall, it was an amazing video, 20 minutes of her first screaming, and then quietly moaning. Next I pulled out and stuck it in the other hole. Then I glanced at the camera LCD screen, and guess what. I hadn't released the got Damn the pause button....FUUUCK. Yall just don't know how mad I was. See I was in that mothafuckin' abandoned building and my nerves were kinda fucked up. I kept hearing things, old rusty nails where sticking out everywhere, rats were running across the floors. mothafuckas were doing dope in the doorway behind us but the biggest concern was the fact that the bitch was holding a screwdriver shank in her hand.. Man, there was just too much shit poppin' off and my focus wasn't completely on filming. But I somehow managed to put enough attention into dicking her down. I've been trying to comfort myself all day by saying, "At least she's an old ugly bitch and it wasn't some cute 18 year old." You can see what I did manage to get below. Got Dammit..If I hadn't paused the camera to put a condom on Yall members would have had a hell scene.

December 12, 2007

I can't stress enough to you mothafuckas how foul the bitches on this website are. It takes a fearless nigga with a lot of guts and big balls to even fuck with them. If you don't have a membership yet, you're gonna wanna get one today. These bitches are capable of anything. Most of the shit that goes on with the hoes that I profile here doesn't make the news. I'm talking about the overdose deaths, lawsuits and the blackmailing. They be telling me everything. I have heard and seen with my own eyes some insane shit. The shit horror movies are made from. But keep in mind, I do nothing illegal. I just hold and point my camera at these hoes. I guess I missed the original story a few weeks ago. Normally I be up on everything that happens, but working that damn mandatory OT at my 9 to 5 has had me falling asleep without watching the news. Apparently there are new revelations in the case. I was watching a local Fox news channed last night and when I saw her ass in the court room, I knew exactly who the bitch was. She was on the ABC and NBC stations too click here to read about it. First let me say this about the broad. She gives some good mothafuckin' head. Click on my screencap below to see what the fuck I'm talking about(excuse the quality it's a copy of the FoulFowl DVD I made in 2003 or 2004). Eventhough she has a rough grill, she's got a nice petite body(the kind I like) firm titties and a round ass. I tried my hardest to fuck, but she wouldn't let me hit the pussy. She claimed her "boyfriend" woud find out. I guess that's the cat that'll be doing time with her. I actually met this bitch when she was pregnant with the baby she alledgedly murdered. she was toothpick skinny with a bloated stomach. The shit looked unreal. I'm not the nigga to run my mouth about other peoples business, but like I always say if shit is put out there, I'll speak on it. The nigga in the news story ain't even the real babydaddy, he's just a simp that she put the baby on. He must've signed the birth certificate without getting a DNA test. When I knew her, she was actually mild mannered and seemed to be the type of bitch that wasn't a dopefiend, but just hustled to survive. Shit, me and her are the same age. You could tell she's the type of broad that was buck wild in her younger days. I'm guessing she just snapped like bitches with problems usually do. That's why niggas should just fuck, flee and stay problem free.